The concept of 'Polyurea Spray Elastomer Technology' was introduced some 30 years ago by chemists from Texaco Chemical Company (now Huntsman LLC) in Austin, Texas.This new application was based on the reaction of an isocyanate component with an amine mixture to produce an elastomeric system "polyurea". This isocyanate / amine reaction without catalyst is very fast - open time (gel time) are a few seconds - and therefore requires specialized two-component application equipment and high-pressure mixing.This reaction rate is a key benefit of the product, which has been widely used in North America.This technology focuses on the basic characteristics of the product; characteristics that make it possible to find solutions to the various needs of the market.By appropriating the many qualities of the product such as flexibility, elasticity, waterproofness, fast drying, durability, resistance to chemicals, sealing, it offers a wide range of problem solving.     The covering with a polyurea membrane is a method of protection. The compound is projected at high pressure and at high temperature with a dosing apparatus.Polyurea is a unique product with unlimited possibilities of use. It does not compare to any other type of coating or membrane currently on the market such as epoxy, elastomeric membrane, welded membrane, bitumen and others.Its peculiarities make it a product adapting to many applications. We offer a wide variety of formulas to adapt to the different needs of various markets. The versatility of the polyurea compound allows it to be used in many fields such as building, civil engineering, agro-food industry, agricultural field, transport, marine facilities, etc ...

The Stanck program

Developed with a French chemist, Stanck has the advantage of being able to be adapted to the demand and to be able to answer to different specifications while preserving the advantages of this type of compound:

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