Sealing and hardening solution

Stanck™ • is applied by spraying
• can be sprayed on site
• is a highly resilient pure polyurea
• has a 300% elongation rate at 20°C

Stanck™ • has a gelation and a quick hardening (8 to 10 seconds)

Stanck™ • is passable within 5 minutes (pedestrian)

Stanck™ • is totally waterproof
• allows seamless sealing
• may apply on vertical support without runs

Stanck™ • has high abrasion resistance

Stanck™ • has application possibilities
at very low temperatures(<0°C)

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Stanck™ • is a material with high impact resistance
• allows the absorption of energy
• works in structural reinforcement

Stanck™ • is a 100% solid material
• is a solvent-free system
• with no volatile organic compounds

Stanck™ • is a material with high chemical resistance
• provides corrosion protection

Stanck™ • can apply on any type of materials
• wood, concrete, metal, foams, composites
• ensures cohesion between these materials

Stanck™ • allows the bridging of cracks
• has an anti-blast effect

Stanck™ • is nearly unalterable

Stanck™ • facilitates cleaning
and avoids clogging
• avoids infiltrations
and weak points due to its lack of seal

Stanck™ • offers various colors and surfacing possibilities

Stanck™ • is made in Europe